A Moment of Silence

I am a morning person. Really,I am.  I just don’t talk when I wake up and I HATE noisy morning people.

I usually wake up at 5:30 am, lay in bed thinking,meditating. Then I pick up my phone to check the weather, go through my messages and have some tea, while contemplating on my outfit, all the things I want to do. “So peaceful”,you might think..

But the reality is before I know it, it’s 6:40 and I still haven’t picked out what to wear, had a shower or made breakfast. Talk about 0-100. In the next 40 mins I will have a shower, get dressed eventually and grab breakfast on the way out (usually cereal with milk I warm while grabbing anything at hand to put into my lunchbox).

If that’s not crazy enough, you find yourself in traffic, having to deal with an entire new breed of irritation-button pushers. And people still have the nerve to ask how you are.

OK ,enough bitching..

I have tried to improve my morning time-management. I even made time for green smoothies(I’m rolling with the hipsters, now y’all). Just don’t let anyone tell you that they taste like heaven. They don’t! But it does make you feel good.

Small changes really make a hell of a difference. I pack lunch/make a smoothies the night before. Just 15 mins. You’ll thank yourself for it.

And just like that, inner morning peace restored.


Roobi xoxo

Please feel free to share your morning routine in the comments below.