Hello! I’m Roobi. Thanks for viewing Through The Looking Glass. Being caught between 20 and 30 is one of the most confusing, crazy, and (sometimes) depressing times. Juggling a career,relationships and life brings nothing short of crazy adventures. I’ve started this blog to share my journey-the laughter, the tears,the wonderful. Do feel free to comment with your own stories 🙂



I graduated from University as a 20 year old with a degree in Business Science. Worked as an Accountant and Audit Manager for 6 years. I completed my Honors degree in Financial Management in 2013. Climbed up the corporate ladder,then climbed down again, switched jobs twice within a span of two years. I am currently doing my MBA part-time.

I suffer from wanderlust, so I travel a lot. Also love to socialize, entertain and bake.

You will definitely learn all about that.


Roobi xoxo